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Women's Fur Inside Flats Snow Boots

Women's Fur Inside Flats Snow Boots

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Material: high-grade pearl grain faux leather

Color: black pink beige

Circumference: 27cm

Inside: high-end imported velvet lining

Tube height: 18cm

Bottom thickness: 2.5CM

Sole: wear-resistant rubber sole

Size Guide:
34 = foot length 21.5-22cm (Foot width=8-8.5cm)
35 = foot length 22-22.5cm (Foot width=8.5cm)
36 = foot length 22.5-23cm (Foot width=8.5-9cm)
37 = foot length 23-23.5cm (Foot width=9cm)
38 = foot length 23.5-24m (Foot width=9-9.5cm)
39 = foot length 24-24.5cm (Foot width=9.5cm)
40 = foot length 24.5-25cm (Foot width=9.5-10cm)
41 = foot length 25-25.5cm (Foot width=10cm)
42 = foot length 25.5-26cm (Foot width=10-10.5cm)
43 = foot length 26-26.5cm (Foot width=10.5cm)
44 = foot length 26.5-27cm (Foot width=10.5-11cm)
45 = foot length 27-27.5cm (Foot width=11.5cm)
46 = foot length 27.5-28cm (Foot width=11.5-12cm)
47 = foot length 28-28.5cm (Foot width=12.5cm)
48 = foot length 28.5-29cm (Foot width=12.5-13cm)
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