About Us

Hipumps is the result of a perfect combination among the research of fine materials, the convenience of the shoes and the talent for interpreting the fashion's trend.

Young girls pursuing fashion trend among 80s or 90s are main target consumers. Fashion with elegance and nobility with loveliness are the style Hipumps will never stop.

Since I was a little kid,i had already obsessed with bowknot. It could be easily noticed that when it comes to things belonged to me, you could always find them related to bowknot. My headdress was bow flower, my shoelace must be tied in a bow, and bowknot could be seen from the clothes’ details more or less, The pattern in my diary book must have bowknot. In one word, most little decoration I have that was involved with bowknot. I carried this habit, carried it from then till now. When I am shopping with my friend, I just can not move my legs once there is something related to bowknot show up. It feels like that my name have already been put on them, and I just can not stand the idea that I have to leave them there instead of bring them home. As results, bowknot has over flown in my house. But I never get tired of them. You see, there is always some hobbies won’t be faded away as ages grow, and won’t be changed even the time flew over. I always hold the faith that I will staring at the bowknot things in front the shop window with my cute granddaughter even when I turn 60.

When I studied abroad in Japan, the interest of Japonic street culture grow on me. And Harajuku represent them well.And it’s one of the popular dress styles among Teenagers in Japan.Multicoloured is the main feature of Harajuku.Japonic Harajuku is favored by lots of people. With its faddish and light matching, you can catch everyone’s eyes once they saw you.Besides,it’s also one of the most favorable matching among faddish icon. It’s not difficult to match but really fashion.
When cute style meeting Harajuku,what will happen?The time the two of them meet fashion, what will spark? And this is how Hipumps.com been create. Positioned as a popular personalized classic, lovely fashionable, Hipumps attracts young ladies, at the age of 16~42, who seek a life of fashionable taste. If you like bowtie, if you like bright color, believe you will love our footwear.

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More info, contact hipumps team : hipumps@outlook.com